Extreme transparency – is it a good thing?

What is the suitable level of disclosure in a B2B context?

I am a believer in full disclosure, both between colleagues, but also between buyers and sub-contractors. I am not talking about removing all filters on communication. Just the part where the relevant information, is not obscured a choice to withhold or twist the truth.

Traditionally, project managers and account managers are keeping up walls of happiness, hiding problems that are occuring behind the scenes, while making sure that the client believes that all is well.

Having been in both the buyers, and the sub-contractors shoes, I can’t see the reason why extreme transparency wouldn’t be desireable.

When is keeping information from the other party ever truly beneficial?

The trend of extreme transparency will only grow stronger, and I am for one, just happy about it. Social media and the mere difficulty of hiding secrets, has made transparency all the more important.

Google “extreme transparency in business”, or something similar, and you will find articles by respected media that confirm the trend.

To get the B2C aspect, the book “Extreme Trust: Honesty as a Competitive Advantage”. 

One quote from the book that I like a lot:

Trust increases the cost of hiding the truth. More efficient interactivity exposes truths that used to be inexpensive to hide.

The problem is that the pay off from total honesty is not immediate. In the long term, I have no doubt it will be.

Are there any real reasons, with long term benefits, of not being transparent in business?

About Sakari Kyrö

Customer experience fanatic, looking for weak signals to understand the future of the connected economy.

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