Linkedin for companies


I haven’t

In the course of the last couple of weeks, I have found that the possibilities for companies and individuals are far greater than one might think.

Companies find it challenging to create a relevant presence with the company pages. The company pages are more structured and limiting than many other channels, but there are some really big advantages too.

For personal use, getting more out of Linkedin is more self-explanatory. In some ways, the same tactics used in personal use, may be applicable to company profiles as well.

One of my colleagues said: “In certain industries, a company on Linkedin is only as good as its leader”. I am not sure about that yet, but the emphasis on individuals over companies is already built into the user interface. Companies are nearly always just a suffix to a persons name, unless someone follows a company. (which compared to following Linkedin influencers is much less widespread)

Off-topic: Are there any Finnish Linkedin influencers yet?

I am just getting to understand the more powerful features, but one thing is for sure. I have underestimated the possibilities with Linkedin for way too long.

The mindmap at the end of this post is still a work in progress, and I might update it later.

Meanwhile, also check out Hubspots excellent guide on how to use Linkedin Company Pages and Groups.

Click to download my Linkedin-mindmap

About Sakari Kyrö

Customer experience fanatic, looking for weak signals to understand the future of the connected economy.

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