Is the cover letter dead?

I was looking at status updates on Linkedin, looking for inspiring information on user centric product development.

As I was looking, I stumbled upon a job ad that looked interesting -> Apply.

No cover letter attached, no CV attached.

I am not expecting to get a reply, but the process itself got me thinking.

Is the cover letter actually dead? I mean, with the amount of data and information about candidates that is available online, why would the cover letter still be so important?

Some recruiters swear by it, while others don’t. It depends on the position that is being filled.

There is one problem with a cover letter. I think that the most brilliant candidates would thrive anywhere. Give them a task, and the analytical and executional skills that make them brilliant, would make them succeed regardless of the company.

Those candidates are not likely to sit down for hours to draft the perfect cover letter.

It is a job seekers market, and good people always find work. It is much harder for companies to find talent, especially if the talent is forced to show that they are really interested.

With the amount of public information available online, and people branding themselves in an increasing rate, the cover letter is not likely to serve any real purpose.

If recruiters want more information, they should ask, and show that they are really interested in the candidate.

The current and rising stars of today are not the ones spending hours on writing brown nosed cover letters.

Stop asking for cover letters, and you might just find a true gem that showed enough interest in your company to apply.

About Sakari Kyrö

Customer experience fanatic, looking for weak signals to understand the future of the connected economy.

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